The Gay Æffect is a review of books, art, and culture by, for, and about gay men. This is not to say that all of the works we review were created by authors and artists who identify as gay men, or are about gay men. But we identify as gay men, and here we used the term gay in that sense.

gay adj. 1. (of a person) Feeling romantic and/or sexual attraction towards members of the same sex or gender. 2. (of a thing) Intended for gay people, especially gay men.

effect n. 1. The result or outcome of a cause. 2. An impression left on the mind.

affect n. 1. (obsolete) A mood or inclination. 2. (obsolete) A desire or appetite.

affect v. 1. To influence or alter. 2. To make a show of.

At the same time, we stand with LGBTQ people of all nationalities, ethnicities, and creeds in the fight against discrimination and injustice of all kinds.

Thank you for your support.

The Gay Æffect

Illustration: Two male mallards “kissing,” cropped from CC BY-SA 4.0 image by Brocken Inaglory. • Definitions adapted from Wiktionary: gay, effect, affect.


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